This Kittens Unique Eyebrows Amazed The World. This Is What Gary Looks Like Today. What A Cutie!

The cat Gary has become an Internet celebrity under the name ”Concerned Kitten”. The reason? The black marks above his eyes making it look like he is raising his eyebrows all the time.

This is what Gary look liked when he was younger.

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He has two small black stretches above his eyes. They look just like eyebrows.

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Gary has his own Facebook page with thousands of followers.

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It’s just impossible not to fall in love with this kitten!

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He was born this March and on Facebook you can follow his daily life.

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Gary lives in Manchester, UK, together with his siblings and his owners.

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Some people doubt the black stretches are real, but his owner assures this is the case.

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This is what Gary looks like today. What a sweetie!

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