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This Owner Caught Her Border Collie Opening His Dog-Proof Food Box. Hilarious!

Dogs have an uncanny ability to outsmart their owners. This particular dog however displays one of the smartest behaviors I’ve seen in a while. A gorgeous Border Collie’s owners decided to purchase a “dog-proof” lunch box to control their pup’s food intake. They believed – at least for a while- that they’d found the perfect solution through the use of a special container. But they soon discovered just how much you should never underestimate your dog. They noticed that their Border Collie had succeeded in removing the lid, so they decided to set up a hidden camera to figure out exactly how their pooch did the deed. Take a look below 🙂

This beautiful dog just made me smile ear to ear. So smart!

The clip further reveals why Border Collies are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world 🙂 Please share the video with all the Border Collie lovers you know!

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