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Garbage Man Was About To Drive To The Landfill When A Bag Starts To Move. The Discovery Saves The Life Of A Lonely Little Kitten.

Trash man Mark was out on his daily routine collecting debris. But as he was emptying a container, he saw something moving in one of the bags in the garbage truck – and decided to look inside. And there was the surprise!

When Mark opened the garbage bag he made a tragic discovery. There, trapped in the bag, lay a small, abandoned kitten.

Image Source: Providence Animal Center (Facebook)

Mark immediately called the animal shelter Providence Animal Center, who came and took care of the kitten.

Image Source: Providence Animal Center (Facebook)

After a taking the cat to the vet, which they decided to call her Grundgetta, the animal shelter took the poor kitten in until she gets a decent home, and be surrounded by warmth and security. Meanwhile, they investigated the matter, and tried to find out who could have done something this horrible to the poor little kitten.

“She was sweet and innocent and didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m glad she’s healthy and safe,” Mark told Love Meow.

Image Source: Providence Animal Center (Facebook)

I was just doing what was right and making sure the cat got safe and the help she needs,” he said to Love Meow.

And sure the cat has now fallen into right hands!

Image Source: Providence Animal Center (Facebook)

Thanks to Mark’s fine effort the kitten feels great. She is 3-4 weeks old, full of love, and likes attention. When Grundgetta became eight weeks old she was large enough, and the animal shelter could let a loving family adopt her.

Image Source: Providence Animal Center (Facebook)

Check out the video of Grundgetta, she’s adorable!

Thanks to Mark’s effort Grundgetta’s life took whole different turn, and eventually she received the love and the care she deserves. Please share with your friends and family so they can learn about trash man’s fine effort.

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