Vet And His Students Witness A Miracle Inside The Stable.

Little miracles often happen in the most unexpected places. When vet John Schlipf and his students at the college of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University were preparing to witness a birth of a foal, they didn’t expect to get a big surprise. They were lucky to witness something so rare that the likelihood of this event is merely one out of 10,000. Read more below.

John and his students were about to witness “an experience of a lifetime”. Students were told at class they’d most likely never get to see an incident like this ever again.

As the horse was delivering her baby, John pulled out something extremely rare. The mare had given birth to twins. It was as close to a miracle as it gets.


Even more surprising is that both foals survived. This is even more miraculous: according to the probability of twin foals surviving is 1 out of 15,000.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and this is only the second time I see a pair of living twins,” Dr. Schlipf said in a news report.


The two little guys turned out to be fun-loving rascals. It was a bit tough for Mocha and Cappuccino to start their lives. They weren’t able to suckle from their mother at the beginning which meant no enough colostrum, thus a probability of infection in the first 24 to 48 hours.

But thanks to the big efforts and love from veterinarians and students at school as well as medication provided by the university, the two little foals made it through, and now they’re running around the farm exploring their new world.


Cappuccino, proved to be the strongest one of two, and he’s really a lively little one, while Mocha is slightly smaller than his brother.

Learn more about these two little miracles foals in the report below.

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