When They Found This Dog, It Was So Skinny It Couldn’t Walk. After A Few Months Of Love And Care? This Dog’s Spirit Is Amazing!

The English mastiff, with its rugged body, broad skull, and square head, can weigh up to 250 pounds. So you don’t need a picture to see that a 56-pound mastiff is horribly underweight. And the only way mastiff could become this emaciated is through abuse. And unfortunately for this noble mastiff, her hardship didn’t end there.

Not long ago in Clinton, Maryland, someone witnessed the mastiff, Violet, get thrown out of a moving car. The kind-hearted person then stopped to help the estimated 4-year-old dog and called Prince George’s County Animal Control. Violet was then taken in by Mutts Matter Rescue who brought her to the vet and placed her with Fat Dog Farm, in Haymarket, Virginia.


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Violet’s foster mother at Fat Dog Farm, Debbie Gretz, is experienced in handling dogs in critical condition and is helping the mastiff regain her health and spirits.


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“She has a lot of pressure sores all over her body,” Autumn Clayton, a volunteer and foster with Mutts Matter Rescue, said. “There are two on her legs that went all the way down to her bones, so they’re treating those as well.” As a result, the vet bandaged Violet’s feet. The diabilitated dog was initially kept in the basement because she couldn’t climb the stairs on her own. Recently, she started to learn how to climb again.


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Now that Violet can walk again, Gretz took her for her first walk outside for the first time. She says that being outdoors scares the dog. “I can tell you, I wonder if she’s ever been outside. She looks up at the skies and looks up at the trees like she’s never seen them before.”

Besides her feet injuries, Violet’s extremely low weight is a shocking indicator of her traumatic past. “It takes a long time to do that to a dog,” Clayton said. “A long, long time. This is a special type of cruelty.”


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Photos and videos posted to Facebook since her rescue show how Violet had been reduced to mere skin and bones. Although Violet’s past remains a mystery, Clayton said the sores suggest that Violet was probably chained up all the time.


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Gretz explained in a Facebook post that she has to restrict Violet to six small meals a day to help her adjust to food again and regain her strength.

An afternoon update of Violet. She is really doing quite well. She loves attention and having her head and ears rubbed. She has about 6 small meals a day so her body can slowly adjust to food and absorb nutrients. Thanks everyone for your support and love for her!

Publicerat av Debbie Gretz den 13 februari 2016


Although Violet’s past is unthinkable, she’s finally getting the treatment she deserves. “She is absolutely sweet and loves human companionship,” Gretz said.


This is really my favorite video of Violet so far. I love how she gets up and her nubbin tail wiggles like crazy. She is so sweet! Lays her head in my lap when I am sitting on the sofa and looks up with those big, sad eyes, oh my, be still my heart!

Publicerat av Saving Violet den 16 februari 2016


After a life of trauma, Violet is experiencing the healing power of love …


Yesterday’s update on sweet Violet!

Publicerat av Saving Violet den 16 februari 2016


… and the touch of kindness.

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is offering $5,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person or people responsible for Violet’s abuse. Contact the Prince George’s County Animal Management Division at 301-780-7241 with any leads.


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Donations toward Violet’s care and recovery can be made at the Mutts Matter Rescue website or on the Saving Violet Facebook page.

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