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When This Dog Was Rescued From The Street, He Showed His True Lovable Self.

Hope for Paws recently rescued a dog from a horrible life on the streets of California. This is the story of Benji, who went from being a sickly pup who was terrified of humans, to being a bundle of love.

Hope for Paws received a call about a dog who had lived on the street his whole life. They found Benji hiding under a car. His hair was long, matted, and full of lice.

benji 1

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Benji had never had any contact with people. When the animal rescue staff tried to approach him, he became frightened and ran toward a busy road. They had no other choice but to catch him with a leash. Benji was terrified.

benji 2

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First, he tried to break free from the noose, but after a short struggle, he calmed down and became still. When staff from Hope for Paws began to carefully pet him, Benji seemed to understand that they wanted to help him.

benji 3

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The first step helping Benji was shaving off his fur. As you can see in the picture below, Benji’s entire body was infested with lice.

benji 4

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When Benji’s fur was gone, it was time to get clean. Benji seemed to appreciate being pampered.

benji 5

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But there was a long way to go before Benji became a happy, healthy pooch. He kept to himself for the first 10 days, and he needed a lot of warmth and love to become comfortable around others. Who knows what poor Benji has been through!

benji 6

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Then, with a little help from his new dog mates, Benji became a happy dog. 

benji 7

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Today, it’s hard to believe that Benji is the same dog as the one Hope for Paws found on the street. What a little cutie!

benji 8

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Check out the video below for Benji’s full story. Good luck, sweet dog!

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