Woman finds newborn baby buried in the park – 20 years later, pair are reunited

The vast majority of the time, when a baby is born an breakable bond is forged between mother and child. It’s the sort of bond that isn’t intentionally manufactured. No, it goes beyond that – it’s a natural bond stronger than any other.

I say the vast majority of the time instead of all the time, because there are instances in which a mom neglects her natural instincts.

Take, for example, the truly shocking case of a baby boy being buried in a park. Azita Milanian was out jogging with her two dogs on May 16, 1998… little did she know what she would uncover.

Having gone out jogging in the park with her two dogs, Azita Milanian could hardly be surprised when one of her four-legged friends picked up a scent near a pile of dirt.

She walked over to investigate and was left reeling by what she saw: A baby, buried alive, in the dirt.

What’s more, the newborn could only have been a few hours old. Azita, shocked, frightened and in disbelief, noticed that the little boy’s umbilical cord was still attached.

“I was kind of scared,” she said in a 1998 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“I wrapped the baby in a towel and wiped the dirt from his face. I thanked God he was alive. The [umbilical] cord was hanging from his stomach.”

Azita immediately called 911 and began cleaning the baby’s mouth and nose to get rid of the dirt. Then she resorted to the only thing she could do: Pray he would survive.

“I was telling him it would be ok,” she said. “It took more than 30 minutes for help to arrive. I was pretty emotional. I didn’t want this child dying in front of me.”

The ambulance rushed the baby to hospital in critical condition and that was the end of Azita’s involvement. She often wondered what had happened to him, but had no idea of his fate.

As it turned out, the baby fought for his life, astounding hospital staff with his resilience. Once he was well, Child Protective Services helped find him a loving adoptive home. He was named Matthew Christian Whitaker… and is now a 20-year-old college student.

Whitaker didn’t learn the details surrounding his precarious start to life until he was 17-years-old. He was keen to learn more about his biological family, and so a family friend emailed the Ryan Seacrest show to request a 23andMe DNA test.

One of the show’s producers, Patty Rodriguez, got wind of Whitaker’s story and made it her aim to reunite the student with the woman who saved his life all those years ago.

Fortunately, she was able to track down Azita, and on May 17 the pair saw each other almost 20 years to the day that Whitaker was found in the park.

This is going to be a long one, so stay with me. In the 13 years that I have been part of this show, I don't think I have worked on something this incredible. If you do not believe in God or in something bigger than you, believe me this is going to change everything. On May 17 of 1998, Azita was jogging when her two dogs noticed something. They started barking at Azita, but she thought they may have found a dead animal and she did not want to get near it. However, the dogs continued to insist. She, then saw something pushing out underneath the dirt. It was a newborn baby. The baby, still with his umbilical chord atttached, was only a few hours old. She ran for help. She then wrapped the baby in a towel and wiped the dirt off his face. As she waited for the ambulance to arrive she told the baby that everything will be ok. The baby wrapped his hands around her wrist and stopped crying. The baby, dubbed Baby Christian survived. His mother or the cruel human that did this to him was never found. Baby Christian was then adopted by a wonderful family. Azita never saw him again. She spent the last 20 years searching for him. She created a foundation in Baby Christian's honor, a non-profit that helps orphan children. But every single day, she hoped that one day she will see baby Christian again. Fast forward to 2018, we get an email from a woman requesting a 23 and Me DNA kit for her son's friend. In the email she says, that this young man is like a son to her and that he recently found out he was adopted. She continues the email by saying, that she would love for him to know who he is and hopes that he can get some answers BECAUSE this wasn't just an adoption — this young man made national news when he was a baby after being found buried with his umbilical chord attached!! We sent him the 23 and Me DNA kit and get the results back. We are talking to the 23 and Me team and find a news story from 1998 that describes exactly what was described in the email. Could he be the baby that was found May 17 1998?? I continue reading the story. I see Azita's name and I wondered to myself if Azita knew about any of this…. (continued in comments)

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It goes without saying that their meeting was an emotional one. Azita grabbed Whitaker’s hand as she fought back the tears while recounting her tale of the night. Meanwhile, Whitaker, now a student at the University of Arizona, was keen to focus on the positives.

“I’m here today. I’ve lived a great life. I was adopted into a great family,” Whitaker told the LA Times. “I couldn’t ask my parents for any more.”

What an inspiring story, and how great it is to see that the pair were able to reunite!

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