Woman witnesses a magical birth outside her car

Nature is truly amazing. And you don’t have to be a National Geographic photographer on a far-off photoshoot to see its most magical moments.

But if you do come in contact with wild animals, remember to keep a little distance, of course. You don’t want to put yourself in danger, and you don’t want to disturb the animals as you enjoy the moment.

Debbie from Washington State was in her driveway when she witnessed something precious up-close.

Fortunately, she had a camera with her and was able to film the whole event. See what happened below.

Debbie had just hopped in her car when she noticed a deer beside her driveway. The animal was acting a bit strange, and it didn’t take long for Debbie to realize that the deer was about to give birth.

Debbie picked up her camera to start filming. But the birth went so quickly that by the time Debbie pressed record, the fawn had already come out and was lying on the ground. The mother deer immediately started licking and nuturing her lovely little newborn and Debbie caught it all on video. What a magical moment!

But something else was about to happen! The mother deer was so busy caring for her newborn that she barely realized when something else came out.

At first, I thought it was the afterbirth, but then I realized it was another fawn. It turned out that the deer had been carrying twins!

Watch Debbie’s entire video here:

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