Worried Mother Cow Reunited With Her Lost Baby, And It’s SO Heartwarming.

I can’t imagine what it would be like for a mother to lose track of her baby, but I’m pretty sure that mother’s reunion with her child would be just about the sweetest thing ever. Back in 2013, a cow in Washington state gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. But less than 24 hours later, the unthinkable happened and her sweet little calf went missing. When the cow’s owner, farmer and beekeeper Jacquline, came to check on the new mom and her baby in the morning, she was surprised to find the mother cow anxiously waiting for her by the fence. But shortly after, the cow mooed loudly and walked off. Surely, the bellowing would’ve woken her baby, but when Jacqueline looked around, she quickly realized why the mamma cow was so upset. So Jacqueline, her husband, Joseph, and their friend Rick set out to find the newborn. And soon enough, they found him frightened and hidden in the tall grass. The poor little guy must’ve wandered off and lost track of where he was. And who could blame him? He was less than a day old! The video below captures the lovely moment when the three heroes reunite the appreciative mother and son. I couldn’t help but let out a few involuntary “awww’s” when I heard the mother cow’s incredibly sweet “thank you” moos after the farmers gave her her baby back. Adorable! “Everything we do on our biodynamic farm is done with kindness and caring,” Jacqueline says, and this video proves that in the sweetest way. Watch the beautiful, heartwarming video below!

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