‘Batman’ actress Julie Newmar celebrates her 90th birthday – and everyone’s saying the same thing

‘Batman’ actress Julie Newmar has recently celebrated her 90th birthday in style, taking to Instagram to share a stunning snap of herself surrounded by her friends – and all her fans are saying the same thing!

Multi-hyphenate Newmar – who, in addition to working as an actress, singer, and dancer, is also a lingerie designer and real-estate mogul – first shot to fame during the late 60s for her portrayal of Catwoman in the ‘Batman’ TV series from 1966-1968.

These days, Newmar is open about her life on social media, especially when it comes to expressing the love she has for her son John Jewl Smith – who was born with Down Syndrome in 1981. And as hard as having a child with disability may be, Newmar has always spoken positively about life with John.

In fact, Newmar told Closer Weekly in 2016 that “parents should never feel like they have an afflicted child,” adding that her son was “the cause of the great expansion of my outlook on life. He’s responsible for my understanding and practice of unconditional love.”

The actress and model showed off her positive and optimistic side recently for her 90th birthday party on Friday (September 1), when she posted a photo of herself looking glamorous and surrounded by friends at home.

“Friends for dinner at my 90th,” the caption read, “so much love.”

Friends for dinner at my 90th – – so much love.

Posted by Julie Newmar on Friday, September 1, 2023

Unsurprisingly, her fans flooded the comments – with most of them praising the star for her youthful looks and writing about how much she meant to those who have grown up watching her on TV.

“You are one of the most beautiful souls on this planet. You inspire me to reach 90 and beyond,” one person wrote.

Someone else added: “So sweet, a beautiful photo, the prettiest 90 year old on planet earth. Beautiful inside & out.”

A third person chimed in with: “Wow, do you look good on your birthday… It looks like it was a great one and it should be.”

Several years ago, Newmar – who has also acted on Broadway – would often post regularly on her blog, aptly named Julie Newmar Writes. She last updated the site in July, 2021, but had documented her journey with skin cancer.

Julie Newmar at CatCon in California, 2017. Credit / Tibrina Hobson / Getty.

In one blog entry, Newmar wrote about her struggles with “The Big C”, saying: “Last week was the 7th or 8th surgery for cancer I have had on my face. I don’t understand. I never went out in the sun. My mother’s advice was always wise.”

Newmar also included a snippet from an article about the emotional causes of cancer in her blog post. “There are seven stated typical personality traits found in those with cancer,” she wrote, “I’m 100% guilty as described.”

Later on in her journal entry, she mentioned her experience with her “fancy doctor in Beverly Hills” Dr. Moelleken, adding that her face was “important” to her, given that she is financially responsible for five people.

I don’t know about you, but I think Julie Newmar is pretty amazing! She definitely deserved a special birthday!