Kevin Bacon isn’t a fan of his birthday but wife Kyra Sedgwick celebrated his 65th in a special way that he loved

After comparing her marriage with Kevin Bacon to a classic poultry dish, Kyra Sedgwick feted her husband on his special day with a roasted bird and buckwheat cake.

Preferring to keep a low profile on his birthday, Kevin Bacon, who turned 65 on July 8, indulged in quiet festivities that were attended by his wife and several animals that live at their quaint Connecticut farmhouse.

The Apollo 13 star and his wife Kyra Sedgwick, 57, split their time between properties in New York, Los Angeles, and Connecticut. In Connecticut, they have a sprawling farm that’s also home to pigs, goats, alpacas, and miniature ponies.

The farm animals often serve as a devoted audience to the adorable couple’s duets, which they often post on Instagram and TikTok.

In May, Kevin posted a sweet video of him in the barn, strumming his guitar and singing “Creepin” by The Weeknd to his two pigs and two goats, who rally around him when he sits on the ground for a private performance.


“These guys would never creep on me,” the Crazy, Stupid Love actor writes in the caption.

Fans jumped in with praise like, “One can be cool, but not ‘Kevin Bacon singing to his farm animals cool.’” Other cyber users commented on one of the pig’s swinging tails and how it appeared he was enjoying the attention, “The one directly in front of you the tail has not stopped wagging. That is so cute.”

The two black and gray pigs frequently star in posts shared by Kevin and on the day of his birthday, he started with a video showing him and Kyra strutting through the grass, the barn in the background, with the two pigs racing to keep up.

“Walking into 65,” he titles the video that’s played to The Fugees, “Killing Me Softly.”

“That is the most Kevin Bacon walk if ever there was one,” one fan says of his walk, which is reminiscent of his Footloose performance. “I swear that is the quintessential Kevin Bacon walk! It has never changed and it has always been so Damm cool! Love to you both neither of you look a day over 45,” another adds.

Some celebrity friends also celebrated the actor on his special day.

“The cutest couple ever! Happy birthday Kevin!” writes Courtney Cox, who played Monica in Friends, and The Addams Family star Christina Ricci writes, “Happy Birthday, National Treasure!!!!”

Later that day, Bacon–who stars in the upcoming Netflix film Leave the World Behind–posted two photos, one image where he’s seen with a slice of cake and the second of his roasted chicken.

He writes, “Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a fan of my birthday. My wife has made this a beautiful day. She has said recently our marriage is like roast chicken, so she made a perfect chicken for dinner followed by my favorite–buckwheat banana bread with chocolate icing. Perfect day.”


The couple’s 31-year-old daughter Sosie, who appeared with her mom in The Closer, jumped in with the comment, “Our love is like a roast chicken–better crusted in salt.”

Some puzzled fans were looking for an explanation. “Maybe it is an inside joke, just for them to understand,” one writes while another said, “roast chicken is a simple, meal that leaves you feeling full.”

Kyra made the roast chicken-marriage comparison when she was speaking with E! News in early July 2023. She said her relationship with Kevin has “sparks” on occasion but is “always” as good as the classic dish.


“Sometimes there’s sparks and sometimes there’s just chicken.” Clarifying her poultry reference, Kyra added, “Sometimes it’s romantic and it’s like, ‘Oh, my god.’ And sometimes it’s chicken. Roast chicken. It’s always good and reliable.”

Overlooking the chicken mention, most fans just wanted to wish the beloved actor a very happy day.

“Happy Birthday! I just love seeing you and your wife doing videos together, I hope one day I can find love like that,” one writes, while another adds, “we are happy you were born!!! Thank you for your gift to us all of your film career.”


Happy birthday to Kevin Bacon! Echoing that last fan, we are so thankful that you were born, sharing your talented gifts with the world.

We look forward to seeing more videos from the farm, with the adorable animals co-starring, oftentimes stealing the show.