Ben Affleck addresses angry look in paparazzi photos amid divorce rumors

If you’ve seen a paparazzi picture of Ben Affleck lately, it’s understandable why his expression looks like, well… that.

But if you’ve been a fan for some time, you know that’s just how he looks: a little bit sad, a little bit angry, and a little bit lost.

Affleck recently sat down with Kevin Hart and explained what he calls his “resting hard face,” the source of countless memes.

During the season 4 premiere of Hart’s Hart to Heart talk show, the Gigli actor explained he’s “a little bit shy” and doesn’t care for all the attention that comes with being a celebrity.

“That’s why people see me and they’re like, ‘Why’s this dude always mad?’ Because somebody has their camera and sticks it in my face and I’m like, ‘Okay, here we go.'”

Affleck went on to explain that he doesn’t “give a f—” if people take photos of him “at a club or a premiere, with my wife [Jennifer Lopez],” but what really bothers him is when he’s with his children.

PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 23: Violet Affleck, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen leaving their hotel on July 23, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pierre Suu/GC Images)

The actor confessed that sometimes that’s just how he looks.

“I’ll be sitting at home, and they’re like, ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing. Nothing’s wrong,'” he said. “I’m like, ‘Nothing. I’m listening to this thing.’ I start thinking, is something wrong?”

Hart suggested he might have a case of “resting b—- face,” which Affleck immediately denied.

“B—-?! Now, now, I have resting hard face.”

Is Ben Affleck’s way of telling us he’s really happy with Jennifer Lopez despite all the photographic evidence leading us to believe otherwise?


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