Elvis Presley’s daughter explains why famous rumor about her late father is untrue

When we picture Elvis Presley, we all picture some of the same things: the white jumpsuit, the black hair, and the dance.

One item always associated with the star was a sandwich he was rumored to enjoy his fair share of.

However, his daughter once decided to reveal the truth about the infamous myth.

Elvis is still, to this day, considered by many to be one of the greatest musicians of all time – but many rumors still follows the legendary rock icon.

And some myths around his eating habits keeps on haunting him. In particular, it’s the famous ”Elvis sandwich” people like to talk about.


The sandwich in question has peanut butter and bananas, and the entire thing was reportedly fried in butter. 45 years after the legendary singer’s death, his daughter Lisa Marie has debunked the rumor of her father’s favorite sandwich.

Reportedly, Presley enjoyed eating the sandwich on the road.

Elvis Presley with girlfriend Linda Thompson at the Hilton Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio (Photo by Tom Wargacki/WireImage)

In a 1996 BBC Four documentary, Presley’s cook Mary Jenkins revealed how she would create the meal. She claimed that the music star had originally asked her to recreate the item after trying one on the road for breakfast.

She attempted to recreate the sandwich five times, altering ingredients and changing how thinly she would cut the bananas. It was only after Elvis’s father Vernon suggested that the cook fry the bread in butter before assembling everything that she seemed to get it just right for the star.

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Jenkins admitted she used two sticks of butter for every three sandwiches, reported The New York Times.

”It’d be just floating in butter,” Ms. Langston admitted. ”You’d turn it and turn it and turn it until they soaked up all the butter. That’s when Elvis liked it.”


The late Lisa Marie Presley, who died age 54 after being rushed to hospital on January 12, 2023, once explained that she never witnessed her father eating this supposed obsession.

None of her memories with him revolved around food.

“What I remember is him waking me up to do things, you know?” she told Good Morning America.

“Like, get in the golf cart and take me, you know, for a ride in the middle of the night, in the wee hours of the morning, or at some point when he probably shouldn’t have been doing that.  It was always really special for me to get in the car – you know, golf cart with him, be alone with him.”

Lisa Marie’s experiences make her wonder if her father’s rumored love for the sandwich has been blown out of proportion.

“I never saw him eat one of those, to be honest with you, and I finally just had one, like, I took a bite about a year ago,” she told ABC News.

American rock legend Elvis Presley with his daughter Lisa-Marie Presley. (Photo by Frank Carroll/Sygma via Getty Images)

Still, they serve the sandwich at The Guest House at Graceland.

Graceland is somewhere that Lisa Marie and her family still visit, and it remains the most visited spots in the country other than the White House.

“It’s a very special place. It shuts down quite nicely at night. I have family that I love very much who live there in Memphis. When I go, I visit [Graceland]. We have dinner there. My family still goes there, and we still have a life there,” she once told USA Today

“It’s got a very special energy there when you go,” says Lisa Marie. “It’s like a time capsule: nothing’s been changed or moved since 1977. A time warp, and the energy is still very much there. You can feel it. It’s from the essence of that time period. It’s a very special place.”

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