Fans attack Amal Clooney for ‘tacky’ and ‘cheap’ summer mini

Amal Clooney became the target of online critics who charged her with wearing a “childish” and “tacky” dress while strolling the streets of Saint-Tropez with her handsome husband.

The 46-year-old is seen wearing a flirty floral summer dress – a vintage Donatella Versace –walking hand-in-hand with George Clooney in the coastal town of the French Riviera.

While some fans her dress looks “cheap,” others gushed over her youthful beauty, saying, “so cute!” Keep reading to learn what fans are saying about Amal’s charming vacation look!

George, 63, and Amal Clooney were recently spotted enjoying some quality time together in Saint-Tropez along the French Riviera.

Before dining on Mediterranean food under a canopy of flowers at the waterfront Jardin Tropezina restaurant, the couple strolled along the streets, walking hand-in-hand.

Amal Clooney George Clooney
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George, twice named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, wore a casual white polo shirt, gray pants and gray shoes and accessorized the look with a pair of sunglasses.

Meanwhile, his stunning wife, a 46-year-old international human rights lawyer, wore a bright mini floral dress – a vintage design from Donatella Versace – that she paired with over-sized sunglasses, a white shoulder bag and “nude peep-toe wedges.”

Vogue describes her classic attire as a “flirty white mini dress patterned with pink toile and neon yellow, orange, and pink florals.

“Quiet luxury? Amal Clooney doesn’t know her,” Vogue writes of the flirty, floral mini dress worn by Amal, who married the Academy Award winning George in 2014. “The reigning queen of European vacation style  has returned to the continent to defend her crown, kicking off the summer with an outfit that would surely make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy.”

The playful vintage dress – called “Diva Alert” in Versace’s 2004 collection – features ruffle embellishments and a tiered skirt with an asymmetrical hemline.

“The collection made waves at the time: aughties hotties Liv Tyler, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan all favored the same print that Clooney wore in France.”

‘Tacky and tasteless’

Despite coming from an iconic designer collection, Amal’s dress failed to captivate many, leaving them unimpressed with its charm and allure.

“Childish and cheap,” one troll, whose profile is set to private, comments on Vogue’s Instagram post.

Others express their love for Amal while also offering their harsh critiques of her outfit.

“Amal looks great, the dress is tacky and tasteless,” writes a second while a third writes, “The dress looks a bit old and not the right look for her unless they are glamping.”

Another fan didn’t fancy her footwear: “Sorry Amal but you are too smart to wear those shoes in St Tropez!”

Meanwhile, other netizens jumped in and defending Amal, saying she looks “so cute!”

“Reading comments do we really have so many jealous and not nice people around?” shares one person.

Gushing over the beauty’s long legs, another writes, “Amal looks so beautiful in this short dress-great legs!”

“George and Amal Clooney are soaking up the sun and enjoying each other’s company on the beautiful French Riviera. What a best time to love,” shares a third.

Other cyber fans joke about the photo, where Amal and the Oceans 11 star are seen walking hand-in-hand.

“I hold hands with my husband of 34 years and no one writes about us,” pens one while another adds, “Breaking News…during Mass today at Holy family Catholic Church this morning my husband held my hand.”

What do you think of Amal’s playful Saint-Tropez look? Please let us know what you think and then share this story so we can hear what others have to say!


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