Fans devastated after sudden passing of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor Andre Braugher

Fans across the world are mourning the sudden death of Andre Braugher, who passed away at the age of 61, as confirmed to People by his representative.

Known for his roles in acclaimed crime series such as Homicide: Life on the Street and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actor had recently been battling illness.

Braugher portrayed Det. Frank Pemberton in Homicide, earning his first Emmy win in 1998. He also played Capt. Raymond Holt, a no-nonsense police officer, in the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, securing four Emmy nominations.

Over the course of his career, Braugher earned a total of 11 Emmy nominations and a second win for the 2006 miniseries Thief.

Andre Braugher pictured at the Emmy Awards Show in 2006 after winning his second Emmy. Credit / Bob Riha, Jr. / Getty.

In 2020, amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, Braugher reflected on his roles as Holt and other fictional police officers, telling Variety: “It’s been so pervasive that I’ve been inside this storytelling, and I, too, have fallen prey to the mythology that’s been built up.”

He raised concerns about the impact of cop shows on public perception, stating: “Cops breaking the law to quote, ‘defend the law,’ is a real terrible slippery slope. It has given license to the breaking of law everywhere, justified it and excused it. That’s something that we’re going to have to collectively address — all cop shows.”

Nyambi Nyambi, Braugher’s co-star on The Good Fight, recalled the positive impact Braugher had on his life, telling People: “I’ve spent time with him on [The Good Fight] set and then off set and talked to him about acting, talked to him about life, talked about storytelling, the creative process. I learned so much from him.”

He continued: “He’s incredible. His sense of humor, his professionalism, all of those things. I look at him as somebody who I hope, as I continue to grow in this business, to have half the career of a man like this. It’s been a blessing.”

Terry Crews, Braugher’s co-star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, expressed his disbelief at Braugher’s death, sharing on social media: “Thank you for your wisdom, your advice, your kindness and your friendship. Deepest condolences to your wife and family in this difficult time. You showed me what a life well lived looks like. Rest In Peace, Andre. I love you, man.”

Braugher’s illustrious career began in 1989, featuring roles in films like Glory alongside Denzel Washington and TV shows such as Kojak. His contributions extended to stage productions, earning Obie Awards for performances in Henry V and The Whipping Man.

Fans have taken to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to leave tributes for Braugher, with one person saying: “one of the best things watching brooklyn nine nine was looking forward to captain holt’s sassy comebacks and intellectual jokes every episode thank you for that andre braugher may you rest in peace [sic].”

Another person added: “im actually in shocked. we lost TWO sitcom legends this year. andre braugher and matthew perry will both be so incredibly missed. i will never forget how much joy they brought to me and i hope they continue to brighten my day [sic].”

Originally from Chicago, Braugher graduated from prestigious institutions Stanford University and Juilliard. He leaves behind his wife Ami Brabson and their children John Wesley Braugher, Michael Braugher, and Isaiah Braugher.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers out to Andre Braugher’s family, friends, and fans at this difficult time.


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