Public appalled by shocking thing influencer did for views next to daughter’s hospital bed

Over the weekend, Australian influencer Emilee Hembrow, sister of popular fitness guru Tammy Hembrow, sparked controversy after she posted TikTok videos of herself dancing in front of her daughter’s hospital bed.

Her daughter Aaliyah, six, was reportedly experiencing severe stomach pains, eventually leading to surgery to remove her appendix.

Keep reading to find out what happened…

Emilee Hembrow shares her life on social media, giving followers a glimpse into her family. She has three children with her husband Emrah Ada: Aaliyah Snow, six, Gabriel Storm, four, and Giselle Dream, one. Additionally, Emilee is a step-mother to Zara, 12, and Zayd, eight, from Emrah’s previous relationship.

Known for keeping her relationship private, Emilee and her husband Emrah Ada exchanged vows in 2015, having gotten engaged after only knowing each other for three weeks.

Emilee shared that her daughter had been admitted to the hospital due to some pretty intense abdominal pain, telling Daily Mail Australia: “We have been in hospital with Aaliyah because she was complaining of very severe stomach pains.”

Aaliyah eventually underwent surgery to remove her appendix, and Emilee reassured her followers that the procedure went well, and Aaliyah is on the path to recovery. Though, her time in hospital wasn’t without some drama…

Controversial TikTok videos

The videos in question feature Emilee sitting in front of her daughter’s hospital bed, dancing to various internet trends with her back turned to Aaliyah.

In the first clip, she pretends to block someone on her phone while dancing to a trending TikTok sound. The caption reads: “My energy to anyone who p****s me off in 2024.”


Good energy only round me plsssssssss🤣 Love the lovers, any bad energy can 🖕🏼😘 #2024 #laterz #goodvibes

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

The second video depicts Emilee dancing and lip-syncing to a remix about the Australian accent by Peach PRC. Both videos showcase Aaliyah lying in the hospital bed behind her, visibly dealing with the pain from her appendicitis.


Lolll every American ive ever met always makes me say “no” on repeat. Apparently Australians say it so different🙈🤔🤣🤣 #aussieaccent #noooooo

♬ Naur – Candy Moore

A third video shows Emilee showing her followers what was in her handbag.

Public reaction:

Emilee’s decision to document herself dancing in the hospital room while her daughter was suffering from a painful medical condition drew mixed reactions from the public. Some questioned the appropriateness of prioritizing social media engagement during a family crisis, while others expressed concern for Aaliyah’s well-being in the backdrop of the videos.

“Imagine posting numerous of TT with your kid in hospital, People asking if everything’s okay constantly, yet your focus is a haul of whats in your bag,” one person commented.

Another added: “Please tell me you didn’t make this reel while your daughter was in hospital??!!”

Emilee did address these comments in a separate video, saying that her daughter had been undergoing multiple tests so, instead of “waiting” and “moping around” she passed the time by making some videos.

This incident has only reignited discussions about striking an appropriate balance between social media presence and personal life, especially during more serious situations…

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