Mom with no legs shares her pregnancy journey on TikTok while another with four kids says it’s “just a matter of adjusting”

Raising a child can be challenging for even an able-bodied parent, and though these inspiring moms have lost their limbs, they are not willing to lose the chance of raising a family.

Keep reading to learn more about these incredible moms.

Emmy Jua Kali (Nyanso), an actor from Tanzania, recently posted photos of her pregnancy journey on TikTok, starting with her baby bump and ending with her toddler son.

The slideshow reveals the woman, a double amputee, is embracing motherhood and raising a beautiful little boy.

Fans mostly replied with love emojis but some commented on her beauty. “You’re beautiful (may) god bless you n yr child,” while another wrote, “so cute.”

A curious fan asked the question that many were thinking. “what happened to your legs ma’am?”

But she failed to reply.

There’s no information on how Emmy lost her legs but on a separate TiKTok account, she’s shared a mini video where users see her at various stages in her adult life. Though there’s no explanation, the slideshow–images with her standing on two legs to the final with her residual limbs visible–reveals that she lost her legs as an adult.

On her Instagram, she posted a photo–one of the images seen in the TikTok video–of her wearing a beautiful black dress. She captioned it, “God allowed this trial because he saw that I am capable 9/7/2019.”

“Don’t allow the spirit of shame to rule your life. If you do that, you will not be able to achieve your goals. Break that spirit and confidently work towards your goals. Don’t be discouraged by what people say,” Emmy said in a Facebook post.

Emmy’s not the only miracle mom out there.

Botswana-born Neo Kirchway (formerly Keitumetse)–who was born with a congenital defect in her legs–was only five when both legs were amputated.

The 34-year-old woman, now living in Oregon, is a doting mother of four–twins Caleb and Joshua, (born 2017), Mikey (born 2020) and Garrett (born 2022)–that she raises with her loving husband, Garrett.

In a beautiful montage of videos featuring her husband, Neo writes on her Instagram, “I may not have legs, but you definitely walk for me. I am beyond grateful for this man called my husband. God knew very well what he was doing when he chose him for me.”

“I love your family, there’s a bond binding all of you. The love you all share is just awesome…..stay blessed dear,” writes one fan. Another adds, “what a beautiful man he is as are you and your precious sons.”

Often using prosthetic legs, Neo said she has all the regular tasks of being a mother and overcomes any physical limitations.

“Being an amputee doesn’t affect life as a mother, being a mother and a double amputee is just a matter of adjusting and knowing that I cannot reach something on the top. I cannot have a crib that is high so what I can do I can make my baby sleep on the floor,” Neo said.

Neo–a Vlogger and author of several books–has a YouTube channel where she posts about cooking, life as a mother and double amputee, hoping to inspire others.

“I wanted to show people that you can have children and that I was able to get a husband that just shows people that not having legs doesn’t not mean that you are not a person, you can still do everything that the other person who have legs can do,” she said, adding that she was teased as a child.

“When I was young it was fine but when you went to school children look at you and some children make fun of you, you don’t have legs so when children made fun of me it was hard,” Neo explained. “But eventually when you grow up and you have a family that cares about you it doesn’t matter anymore. I still studied hard at school.”

Her studying is what brought her to Garrett. Neo moved to Canada to study at Carleton University in Ottawa, and while on a school break, she met Garrett while vacationing in the U.S. The two first lived in Arizona and recently moved to Oregon.

Neo’s fans love viewing her posts and praise her daily for being so open and gracious, as she is even to the handful of followers with hurtful comments.

But people are quick to defend her.

“EXCUSE ME!!! PSA No RUDE comments or Questions will be tolerated on this BEAUTIFUL QUEENS PAGE!!! I thank her for being so Gracious in her response but let’s all be mindful of what we say or ASK BEFORE WE SAY/ASK IT!!! THANK YOU!!! Blessings,” one person writes.


Am blessed ❤️❤️

♬ origineel geluid – Sαn.

Meanwhile, an older fan writes, “I found your content on YouTube before you gained all of these new followers. You have shown so much personal growth.” The post continues, “Where you once took negative or awkward remarks so personal that you cried, you now use those remarks to teach people kindness and gratitude. What a blessing you are!! Keep on letting your light shine so that others will see God through you.”

Referring to overcoming adversity, Neo adds, “If I could speak to my younger person, I would say you are a person too just because you don’t have legs doesn’t make you different from any other person. So, hold your head up don’t be offended by these people who bully, don’t be offended by them, just go out and just get it.”

One more parent that needs to be mentioned is Sabryna Mongeon, who lost all four limbs following a collision with a hydro pole. Two years after her horrific accident, Sabryna gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who is turning four this November.

The world needs more people like these women, who inspire us all with their continued courage! What do you think of these fabulous women?