Sally Field decided no more relationships after 2 divorces – 30 years later she’s still happy

In the not-so-distant past, societal stereotypes insisted that a woman’s happiness was solely tied to marriage, and that divorce only signaled that she was on a quest for a new husband.

However, times have changed, and these days there is a much clearer distinction between being single and feeling lonely.

Take, for instance, two-time Oscar winner Sally Field, who, for almost 30 years, has found joy in her single life, immersing herself in work, hobbies, and the joys of family.

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Sally Field embarked on her television career at a young age, securing the lead role in the TV series Gidget. Despite early success in Hollywood, Field’s personal life faced challenges, stemming from a difficult childhood, which often left her feeling lonely. This eventually influenced her choice of relationships, drawing her toward intimidating partners, a blend of love and fear.

In 1968, Field married producer Steven Craig, and they became parents to two sons, Peter and Eli. After seven years, the couple divorced. In 1977, Field met Burt Reynolds on a film set, sparking an on-off romance that lasted for five years until 1982.

Sally Field and Burt Reynolds pictured in 1977. Credit / Frank Edwards / Fotos International / Getty.

Field’s second marriage to Alan Greisman in 1984 lasted a decade and blessed her with a third son, Sam. However, after two divorces, Field decided to shift her focus away from seeking romantic love, finding fulfillment in her children and work.

“The three things I’m most proud of in my life are my sons. They are kind, loving, productive people. Each with their own list of talents and accomplishments,” she remarked in a letter that expressed her support for gay rights in 2014, via E! Online.

Pregnancy became a transformative experience for Field, helping her overcome psychological traumas and teaching her self-love and self-care. Now a grandmother of five – Isabelle, Sophie, Ogden, Noah, and Colin – she cherishes the time spent with her grandchildren. Field, 77, is happy with her life as it is now, saying she has no desire to marry again.

Sally Field and her youngest son, Sam. Credit / Shutterstock.

“I’m really happy with how I am, and I really don’t want to pick up your underwear in the morning. [I’m] realizing I really don’t want to start again. I really like not worrying about someone else’s dinner,” she declared, per Closer Weekly.

Despite staying away from romantic relationships since her second divorce, Field doesn’t feel lonely. She says that spending time with friends, pursuing hobbies like embroidery, reading books, and gardening keep her occupied.

“Ultimately, what we have is just aloneness, and that sounds terrible, but it’s really glorious. Because if you are all together inside yourself, owning yourself, and all the pieces are put together, you keep great company with yourself. You’re not alone in your aloneness — you’re together with yourself,” Field explained.

Ever the optimist, Field clearly finds enough happiness through loving her family and prioritizing herself. She’s learned to ignore societal expectations and focus on her own wellbeing over romantic love, and that’s inspirational to all of us!

What do you think of Sally Field’s choice to focus on herself? Let us know in the comments!


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