Seeing double: Reese Witherspoon and look-alike daughter pose for adorable holiday photo

Some children’s resemblance to their parents is uncanny, and then there’s Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe.

If you didn’t know any better you’d think at the very least that they were sisters.

But no, the two are perhaps Hollywood’s most identical mother-daughter duo.

And Reese recently shared an adorable holiday photo that shows their incredibly striking resemblance.

Over the years, Ava, 21, has looked more and more like her mom, but now it’s even more difficult to tell them apart, especially when they wear matching holiday sweaters and red lipstick.

According to Reese, 44, the sweet photo almost didn’t happen because she had to “beg” Ava to wear a matching sweater – what 21-year-old wants to match their mom? – but it seems like everyone was pleased with the final product.

Even Ava commented on the photo, which went viral with nearly 2 million likes, saying she loved her mom.

It’s hard not to mistake these two women as twins.

Just look at them!

Can you think of any children who look like their celebrity parents? Or maybe you look like your parent’s twin?

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