The twins from ‘The Shining’ quit acting and now lead very different lives

They spooked audiences with their creepy line: “Come play with us, Danny” in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ – but now, the Grady twins live a live that’s far from terrifying…

In fact, in the years following the movie’s 1980 release, Louise and Lisa Burns have undergone a significant transformation since their iconic roles.

Cast at the age of 12, Louise and Lisa were known for their portrayal of the eerie twins haunting the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. The film is considered one of the most influential horror movies of all time.

The story of ‘The Shining,’ focuses on Danny and his parents Jack (played by Jack Nicholson), and Wendy (played by Shelley Duvall). Jack takes a job as the hotel’s caretaker, and the family faces increasing terror as Jack descends into madness and begins to attack them.

Kubrick created the film with a budget of $19 million, and it eventually grossed a worldwide box office revenue of $47 million. It has since become a cult favorite among horror movie buffs.

Over four decades have passed since their roles as the Grady Twins, and now at 55, Louise and Lisa are almost unrecognizable from their iconic characters. Their trademark features included matching shoulder-length haircuts, long white socks, frilly blue dresses, and eerie smirks.

In 2019, the pair told Cosmopolitan: “We’re naturally spooky,” adding: “But we did practice our timing – saying things in unison – and we worked on saying our lines in a hollow, other-worldly kind of way a number of times.”

Interestingly, despite the film’s terrifying storyline – the Burns twins didn’t feel the set was overly scary. In fact, they recall feeling they were part of a fancy dress party rather than filming a horror movie.

Although Louise and Lise didn’t find the film too frightening, they needed to be escorted around during their time on set. Though, their parents were supportive and never expressed concerns about their involvement in the movie. “Our parents were never worried or thought that we should stop shooting the film. They were and are very supportive of us,” they said.

After the immense success of ‘The Shining,’ Louise and Lisa ended up pursuing different paths. Lisa studied literature at university and has since become a lawyer, while Louise chose a career in microbiology.

Who would’ve thought that the creepy Grady twins would follow such different paths?