Tom Cruise, 61, reveals unusual retirement plans from ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise

Tom Cruise has no plans of retiring at least not for the next 20 years.

The Mission: Impossible star recently spoke with The Sydney Morning Herald about his future plans and admitted there’s one fellow action star who has inspired him to go the distance.

“Harrison Ford is a legend; I hope to be still going. I’ve got 20 years to catch up with him,” Cruise, 61, said. “I hope to keep making Mission: Impossible films until I’m his age.”

Harrison Ford turns 81 on July 13.

It was only last month that Cruise pondered how much longer he’d play the role of Ethan Hunt.

At the time he said he was unsure and just wanted to enjoy being in the moment.

But now he has a goal in mind: act as long as Harrison Ford.

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“I grew up seeing movies on the big screen,” Cruise said. “That’s how I make them, and I like that experience — it’s immersive. And to have that as a community and an industry, it’s important. I still go to the movies.”

Cruise said he plans to see both Barbie and Oppenheimer on opening weekend.

“Friday I’ll see Oppenheimer first and then Barbie on Saturday.”


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