Tori Spelling claims her ‘lady parts’ are like a 14-year-old’s, grosses people out

Tori Spelling has found herself in hot water following a recent episode of her podcast, Misspelling.

During a discussion about her experiences with C-sections during the births of her five children, Tori shared a comment made by her OB-GYN that has sparked controversy.

According to Tori, her doctor remarked that she has the “lady parts of a 14-year-old,” a statement that has elicited various reactions across the internet.

The revelation came as Tori recounted her childbirth experiences, revealing that she underwent five cesarean sections, one for each of her children: Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau. Amidst discussing her pregnancies and deliveries, Tori took a moment to boast about her OB-GYN’s assessment of her anatomy.

“So, I have to go on record and brag for a second that my OB-GYN says that I have the lady parts of a 14-year-old, ’cause it’s intact. And I didn’t do five C-sections on purpose,” the 50-year-old stated, per Page Six.

Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Tori’s comment has drawn criticism from many quarters, with some questioning the appropriateness of comparing her own anatomy to that of a minor, regardless of the context or the wording used by her doctor.

“Does Tori Spelling know that there are women above the age of 14 who have also never pushed out a baby?” one X user commented.

Others expressed their discomfort with Tori’s remarks, with one individual commenting: “Everything I know about this woman I have learned against my will,” in response to an Instagram post about the incident.

Another commenter quipped: “Gurl, get a job.”

In addition to the controversy surrounding her comments about her anatomy, Tori also discussed her experiences with C-sections on the podcast. Describing the surgical procedure, she recounted the physical sensations and emotional challenges she faced.

“They’re like slicing and dicing through your stomach, through your muscles,” she shared. “I’ll never forget like, the first time it happened, it was like an emergency C-section. Like, I wanted to push, you guys. I wanted to be that girl.”

Stella Spelling, Tori Spelling, Beau Spelling, Dean McDermott, Finn Spelling, and Hattie Spelling. Credit: Stefanie Keenan / Getty.

As of now, Tori has not responded to the backlash sparked by her comments. However, given the extent of the reaction online, it remains to be seen whether she will address the issue in future episodes of her podcast.

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