94-year-old grandpa has the sweetest routine with this pair of neighborhood dogs

We all have different experiences with our neighbors, from friendly to nonexistent. However, these southern neighbors have a special bond that comes largely from man’s best friend.

Charlie and Doug are two South Carolina dogs who bring nothing but joy to their owner, Kimberly Hansberry Shelton, and her family. However, this cute pair does not stop at family.

Shelton recently posted a video to social media of her backyard, focusing on an elderly neighbor approaching with something in his hand. 94-year-old Mr. Bill, named in the video, comes towards the fence line to get nearer to Charlie and Doug.

Mr. Bill apparently has made it a routine to visit the two energetic dogs every day. He brings them treats and always greets them with pets and a smile.

If the energy of the dogs is any indication, the fuzzy companions are just as happy to see him each day as well.

Shelton revealed the family’s appreciate for Mr. Bill and his visits in a comment replying to Bill’s granddaughter:

“We are so lucky and blessed to have moved right behind him,” she wrote.

What do you think of Mr. Bill and his routine with the two canines who live just a fence away? Let us know in the comments!