Community donates $42,000 to send overjoyed 86-year-old Cincinnati grandpa to the Super Bowl

Community donates $42,000 to send overjoyed 86-year-old Cincinnati grandpa to the Super Bowl

There’s a lot of diehard football fans out there, but perhaps none as dedicated as lifelong fan, John Lipscomb, who can say he was truly there since the beginning.

Now, thanks to a viral video of him crying after the Cincinnati Bengals secured a spot in this year’s Super Bowl and a community’s determination, he’s heading to Los Angeles to watch his favorite team play in Super Bowl LVI.

“I’ll be there if he has to drag me there in a wheel chair or a stretcher, I’ll be there. I’m telling you,” he said.


The 86-year-old has been a Cincinnati Bengals fan for as long as he can remember. He attended the team’s first game in 1968, which happened to be on his birthday, and he hasn’t regretted a single moment.

As a former season ticket holder, Lipscomb made sure to catch all their games, whether it be in-person or on TV, including their two previous Super Bowl appearances.

So when the team beat the Kansas City Chiefs for their first Super Bowl appearance in 33 years, his family made sure to record his reaction.

His granddaughter, Elizabeth Eschenbrenner, shared the video, which showed him overwhelmed with tears, online and it quickly went viral.

Many suggested Eschenbrenner start a GoFundMe so others could donate to a fund to send Lipscomb to the big game. Within two days $42,000 was raised, enough money to purchase tickets for him and Don Eschenbrenner, who will accompany Lipscomb.

More than 2,000 people donated.

“I’m 86 years old and I want to go and see them play in the Super Bowl before I die,” Lipscomb said before receiving the generous donations.

His family recorded another video after he learned he would be going to the Super Bowl to see his beloved Cincinnati Bengals.

“People of the world, I bless you. You have done something that many people would not think of doing. You have been such a wonderful, wonderful bunch of people that have taken me under your wing. I appreciate it and I love you. God bless you. Who Dey!”

This brings a smile to my face. I’m so happy for John. I hope he enjoys this experience, and now I really hope the Cincinnati Bengals win.

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