Family begs for safe return of late grandfather’s truck stolen from his driveway

If someone stole a 25-year-old truck from your driveway, while you might be annoyed, you might also be grateful. After all, it’s getting up there in age and surely it’s time for a new vehicle.

That wasn’t the case when someone took a 1995 Chevrolet pick-up from Larry Elberson’s driveway in Randolph County, North Carolina. His family members were beyond disappointed.

“I hate that someone would do this,” Colby Hilton, Elberson’s grandson, told WFMY.


Last May, Elberson passed away and ever since the truck sat in his driveway. The truck meant a lot to Elberson and over the years whenever someone saw the “street sign green” truck they knew Elberson was around.

After he died, the plan was to pass the truck down to his grandchildren, but that plan was halted after someone stole it from his driveway.

“Our family has no hard feelings involved with the person that stole the vehicle,” Robert Presenell, Elberson’s son-in-law said, “We would just simply love to have the vehicle back. We forgive you. No hard feelings. We’ll pray for you and just please return the vehicle.” 

In addition to the truck, two BB guns were also stolen.

If you have any information about Elberson’s truck, you are asked to call the police.

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