FedEx delivery driver at the end of his shift rescues little boy from car crash

A FedEx driver at the end of his shift is receiving praise for following his gut.

Damien Rose was wrapping up his shift as a FedEx delivery driver in South Carolina when he noticed something unusual in front of him.

“I just happen to see smoke coming from out of the distance, and saw the two cars, and was like automatically I knew it was an accident,” he said, according to local reports.

When he approached the scene, he saw two vehicles that had been involved in an accident and heard someone yell “get the kid!”


Rose immediately exited his truck and rushed towards on of the disabled cars. He was able to rescue the small child from their car seat and carry them to safety.

He rushed back to help a woman who was trapped in the second vehicle, but after several attempts he could not get the door open.

“It was just a first instinct of, ‘I’m not gonna let anybody die or anything like that,'” he said.

Rose even waited with the families until emergency services arrived.

While those involved in the crash thanked him for stopping and helping them, Rose said it was he who felt grateful.

“Hopefully blessings come back. It always comes back,” he said. “I never trip about things like that.”

Thank you Damien for stopping and helping. Too often we slow down to look at accidents, but we don’t stop to help. There needs to be more people like you who stop and do something.

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