UPS driver and resort guest save drowning child at RV park – ‘She was completely blue’

A young girl is alive thanks to an alert UPS driver and an RV resort guest.

Shelan Khoshnaw and Brian Walters happened to be in the right place at the right time last Wednesday afternoon when a man brought a young girl into the RV resort’s main lobby from the pool.

The two strangers immediately jumped into action and saved the girl’s life.


Surveillance video from inside Smokiam RV Resort’s lobby in Grant County, Washington shows a man rushing inside carrying a young girl.

Walters, a UPS driver, had just made a delivery when he someone yell.

“I thought he said ‘drown, drowning.’ I just stopped. I thought that’s what I heard and he said it a couple of more times,” he recalled.

As Walters, a 15-year volunteer firefighter and a reserve police officer, began checking her vitals, Khoshnaw began CPR.

Unlike Walters, Khoshnaw had no special credentials to her name.

“He was like, ‘What? Are you a nurse?’ I was like ‘I’ve never done this before, but I’ve just seen it on TV,’” she said. “Motherly instincts came in and I was like, ‘I’m not letting this child go anywhere.’”


Within a minute the young girl coughed up water.

“Thank God she started breathing again. She wasn’t fully conscious but she was breathing.”

Once the paramedics came they took over and transported her to the hospital where the girl’s parents said she is currently talking and being monitored.

“That’s a huge weight off of my shoulders to know that. That we did give her a chance to be a normal kid again,” Walters said. “I don’t know where she’s at or exactly how she’s doing. Hopefully, she’s going to make a full recovery and be back doing the same thing she was, swimming and being a kid.”

Thank you to both of these kind souls who stepped up to save a little girl’s life!