1-year-old girl beats coronavirus despite suffering from heart defect and chronic lung disease after being born prematurely

A brave one-year girl has managed to beat coronavirus after being born prematurely with a congenital heart defect and chronic lung disease, as per reports.

The Daily Mail say Leah Peters, of Lincolnshire, England, is well versed in trips to the hospital for treatment. She’s spent much of her short life in and out of wards, battling virtually from when she was born.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder her parents feared for how it would go if she was infected with COVID-19.

And yet Leah was shown a resilience that has taken back even mom Agata and dad Michael, having been sent home the day after testing positive for coronavirus.

The one-year-old was rushed to the ER at the end of March after developing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Mom Agata explained: “A few weeks ago we noticed that Leah had a bit of a cough, but living in a house with us and her two older sisters, Natalie aged four and Emily aged five, we assumed it was a cold or another bug they had brought home and were not overly worried.

“Because of Leah’s heart condition we have a nurse come to visit her at home every week.

“The nurse took her stats and as they were a bit low and combined with the cough she called an ambulance and we were taken to the emergency department at Pilgrim Hospital where she was given oxygen and she picked up a bit.”

She continued: “It was only later when we were on the ward that we heard that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

“We really were surprised. Because of Leah’s existing conditions we had talked about coronavirus and feared if she caught it she would really struggle.

“But she is a little fighter and has surprised us all. She was sent home the day after we received the test results and is doing really well at the moment.”

As per reports, Leah, who was born prematurely at 32 weeks and five days, is one of the youngest patients in England to have beaten coronavirus. She is scheduled to have surgery in the summer on her congenital heart defect.

What fantastic news this is! Well done Leah, we’re so happy you were able to pull through despite everything.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many lives across the world and at times things can seem pretty dark. By highlighting bits of good news we can ensure positivity reigns and helps to lift people’s spirits.

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