11-Year-Old Boy’s Paintings Dazzle Famous Painter Lars Lerin. Now His Dream Has Come True.

Meet Maximilian Svensson. He’s only 11, but his talent already surpasses many professional painters. Now, the young artist “Max” is fulfilling his great dream. Next year, he will exhibit his amazing paintings in his idol, Lars Lerin’s museum in Karlstad, Sweden.

He discovered art at the age of 6, and a couple of years later, the fifth grade student developed an extraordinary talent for such a young boy.

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Max loves to paint – and as soon as school ends, he sits in the boys’ room and paints for hours.

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The 11-year old’s big idol is Lars Lerin, whom he discovered three years ago.

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Just like his role model, Max paints peaceful nature scenes using watercolor.

Fixar till utställning

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The two have already had the chance to meet. And next year, there are many more meetings scheduled – Max will exhibit at the Lars Lerin’s museum in the Swedish ticket, Karlstad.

“Maximilian is invited to set out on our ‘wall’ in the spring and we are all looking forward to it,” the museum curator Carina Deschamps writes.

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The young artist is obviously overjoyed that his big dream will come true. “It’s great,” he says.


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What magnificent talent!

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Max is obviously hugely talented. Please share with your friends and family so they can take a look at these beautiful paintings!
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