14 children explain what it was like back in the days

“Even small cups have ears,” my mother used to say when I was growing up.

This applies especially those children who seem to have heard a lot about how it was the time before they were found. Wonderful!

1. In the past, people were divided into two groups – the beautiful and the not beautiful. The beautiful were rich and could afford shampoo and hair gel, while the not beautiful had to settle for fleas and lice. – Nicholas, age 8

2. In the past, people weren’t spoiled. They didn’t have toys, sofa cushions or Oreo cookies. Instead, they had gray things that were not harmful to nature. – Leo, age 7

3. I think people were happier in the past. At least it looked like it. Today, kids are forced to laugh and look happy. – Johanna, 5 years

4. When people got married in the past, it’s because the state said they had to and the priest told everyone it was the best thing. Today, you can live with whoever you want, and the government and priest let you do whatever you want. – Dennis, age 8

5. Back in the day, dads were not allowed to have kids. They thought it was unmusical. But today mommies and daddies have kids together. – John, age 6

6. A long time when you got married, the organ played a famous funeral song when the bride walked down the aisle. – Gustav, 5 years

7. Now, we don’t get married in church anymore. We get married at the city’s office. Or you can move in with another person without telling anyone. The most important thing is that you decide for yourself. – John, age 6

8. When you got married, you were not allowed to laugh. And you could never say ‘no.’ – Elin, age 4

9. When you got married, you gave the other person a vow. If you don’t stick to them later, you have to separate and then you have to share the lights and knives and most of the time the parents can’t agree on who will have the children. If you can’t agree then you have to go to the lawyer. He decides who will take the children and who will take the extra dinner table instead. – Daniel 8 years

10. If you start getting really old and you don’t want to die, you can just take vitamins and poopoo pills. – Rick, age 5

11. Suddenly, you wake up one morning and have gray hair. Man jumps out of bed and look in the mirror, but it doesn’t help to scream for help. If we didn’t have old people, then all the cane factories and people who make dentures would go out of business. – Jessica, age 7 

12. Retirement homes are like kennels for old people. Families can leave them there when they go on holidays, or if they want to be left alone. But the old people don’t have to have a leash on. – Anna, age 7

13. If you start to get wrinkles in your face, you can just get a facelift. You go to a hair salon and sit in a chair. Then they cut away your wrinkles so you can be beautiful again. – Andrea, age 9

14. Before, dentists were dangerous. They used iron pliers and pulled out teeth everywhere. He even took out the wisdom teeth. People did not know that much at the time. – Jonna, age 6

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