17 children tell us what it’s like being a grandma – Julia’s explanation is priceless

Children are a never-ending source of wisdom and laughter. Each one has his or her own view of the world and often has a unique perspective.

Here are 17 pearls of wisdom from children who have something to teach adults about life:

On grandparents:

1.  “Grandma said that when she was a little girl, girls were forced to sit with their legs tightly closed. Today, no one cares if you wiggle your butt,” – Sandy, 7

2. “Grandmas have really big bras. They are so big that I can fit my whole butt and two knees in just one cup. My brother can then get into the other one,” – Katy, 7

3. “A grandma is someone the whole family has come out of. That’s why it’s not that weird that her skin is a bit stretchy,” – Christina, 7

4. “A grandmother is an old lady with bags of candy in her pockets,” – Andy, 5

5. “My grandma has bags have under her eyes,” – Martha, 6

6. “A grandmother is an old lady who has no teeth and thick thighs. She puts her teeth on the nightstand at night,” – Annie, 6

7. “Grandma doesn’t like to sunbathe topless. That’s because her boobies have become loose.”  – Carrie, 6

8. “Grandpa is word blind. That means he only understands words when we scream them in his ear. If we write them down, he looks confused.” Marianne, 7 years old

9. “Grandpa is so old that he no longer remembers why he likes women.” Tore, 7 years old

10. “A mother-in-law is punished when you marry someone you don’t know.” Per, 7 years old

Children also have a lot to say about the body and the button!

11. “Men have more body parts.” Julia, 6 years old

12. “A man never stops making cells, but he comes in a kind of age he also. It’s called panic age.” Stina, 9 years old

13. “A body is something that runs out of its shoes.” Allan, 5 years old

14. “If you open your eyes and it’s quite dark, you’re unconscious.” Hilda, 7 years old

15. “Almost everyone has a brain. Those who are a little stupid have a chicken heart.” Johan, 5 years old

16. “It’s important for the skeleton that enough lime and valium will suffice, so that the teeth can grow and become large and pointed.” Marius, 6 years old

17. “There are many kinds of skin. Foreskin, for example, is the skin you have in the front, while back skin is the skin that you have on the back.” Therese, 6 years old

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