24-Year-Old Surprises Friend With The Best Gift He Could Possibly Give.

A lot of people say they’d do anything for their friends. But for Graham McMillan, there really is no limit to what he’d do for the people he’s closest to. So when the 24-year-old got the chance to save his best friend Danny’s life—at the risk of his own life—he didn’t hesitate for a second.

This is indeed the true meaning of friendship!

When his best friend, Danny, needed a new kidney, Graham immediately got tested to see if he could donate his.

And when the results came back… he was a match!

Graham didn’t worry about the risks of surgery and immediately decided to donate his kidney to his friend. To let Danny know the good news, Graham decided to surprise his friend. So he went to the hospital where Danny worked as a nurse.

Graham brought a big sign saying “Heard urine need of a kidney. Want mine?”

It’s a beautiful moment. Danny just melts when he reads the sign. I mean, imagine how wonderful it would feel knowing you have such a good friend. I hope that the surgery goes well!

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