3-year-old little girl impresses audience with her stability and poise

This little girl is looking at a bright future in figure skating if you ask me!

At just age 3, she takes the audience by storm. Her charisma and simple adorable-ness is enough to garner plenty of awws from the crowd.

She enters the rink clad in an adorable figure skating dress and sweet smile – and the rest is history.

Have a look at the video below.

At age 3, one doesn’t exactly have full control over their motor skills and coordination – which makes this little girl so impressive.

She preforms in front of a big crowd but that doesn’t seem to phase her.

This video of the tiny little figure skater has received nearly 19 million viewers on YouTube, and we understand why.

This girl seems to love what she does, and clearly has a career ahead of him if she wants to.

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