3-year-old sees his dad collapse – then rushes to the fridge to try and save his life

Three-year-old Lenny Jones was at home with his dad, Mark, when disaster struck.

Lenny’s dad has had diabetes for a long time and takes insulin every day to control his blood sugar.

But that fateful day was a stressful one for Mark, and he was careless about both eating and taking his insulin.

Then suddenly, he collapsed in the kitchen and fell unconscious.

As shocking as it would be to see your dad lying unconscious on the kitchen floor, 3-year-old Lenny Jones knew that his dad, Mark, has diabetes and immediately understood what to do.

While his dad was lying unconscious on the floor of their London home, Lenny ran to the refrigerator and took out some yogurt.

The little boy then managed to open his dad’s mouth and feed him yogurt. Finally, Mark regain consciousness and was able to take his medicine.

Lenny’s mother, Emma, is proud of her son’s quick thinking.

“He saved his father’s life,” she told Report, UK.

Today, Mark is feeling better and striving to take better care of himself so he doesn’t faint again.

Lenny’s parents think that their son has seen Mark eat yogurt in the past when he was looking a little sluggish, and that’s why their son immediately ran to the fridge.

You’re a lifesaver, Lenny!

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