5 brothers who are all Vietnam War veterans handed patriotism award for outstanding service – thank you

For many Americans, choosing to serve your country is one of the most selfless, courageous and rewarding things a person can do.

Simply put, if we’re not prepared to thank those who continue to fight for the liberty and freedom we all enjoy each day, then why do we deserve those things?

Five brothers who served in the Vietnam War certainly know a thing or two about sacrifice and bravery. The men, from Decatur, Alabama, all made it home alive, and were recently awarded the Audie Murphy Patriotism award for outstanding service.

Twins James and John are the oldest of the Miller brothers. They served in the Marines, and were the first two from their family to go to Vietnam.

“I volunteered to go into the Marines,” James said. “When I got out of high school, or before, eight of us signed up for the Marines. We graduated on June 6th and were in the Marines June the 9th.”

The youngest of the siblings, meanwhile, Leo, said he went because all his older brothers had.

He explained: “I didn’t have to go to Vietnam, but because all of my brothers went to Vietnam, I volunteered to go.”

Just last year, the brothers were award the Audie Murphy Patriotism award for outstanding service.

“If you join the service, make sure to put God in there with you,” John Miller said. “Always pray that God will lead and guide you on the direction you need to take. That’s why we’re still here today.”

What’s more, they want to encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to serve their country and make the most of it.

James explained: “Military people are what made America great. Whether we like it or not, that’s what made us great, made us strong and made other countries look up to us.”

What a family of true patriots! It’s people like this who make American great. That’s something I’m sure we can all agree on.

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