76-yr-old wants a change after hubby’s death, 2 months later, her grandkids get the shock of their lives

It’s hard to imagine the pain and sorrow that 76-year-old Barbara has known.

Her husband, best friend, and soulmate for life suddenly left this world, leaving her a widow. And for the first time in decades, Barbara was without the love of her life by her side.

Barbara’s whole existence was turned upside down and her loneliness couldn’t have been more apparent.

But luckily, the 76-year-old’s daughter decided to do something about it.

Not only did Barbara’s daughter invite her to live with her for a month, she also cooked up a very special surprise.

She wanted the 76-year-old to do something to take her mind off her loss and have a little fun in the process.

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And it was simply time for a change. Not a serious, life-changing change, but a little change to make Barbara feel better.

It was… a visit to professional stylist Christopher Hopkins — “The Makeover Guy”!

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Two months after her husband’s death, Barbara took a seat in the stylist’s chair.

But she didn’t just get fresher hair and more volume — she also got new clothes and makeup.

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And wow, what a difference! Barbara’s daughter and grandchildren couldn’t believe their eyes when a whole new Barbara stepped through the door.

Check out this video and see Barbara’s wonderful transformation here:

Sometimes a small change on the outside can be just what it takes to make an even bigger change on the inside. This was true for Barbara, who has been through a lot lately, but was overjoyed about her new little start.

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