90-year-old recognizes man on TV – suddenly realizes the truth from 30 years ago

Time is precious and flows too fast, and during our lifetime, we cross paths with countless people. Some don’t leave much of an impression, while others are simply unforgettable.

Ninety-year-old former kindergarten teacher Mrs. Schik had a long career and taught thousands of students over the course of her career.

But when she turned on the TV one day almost 30 after retiring, she saw a familiar face and instantly remembered where she knew him from.

When 90-year-old Ms. Schtik saw the newscaster on television, she immediately recognized him. However, the last time she had seen him, he was only five years old. The man was her former kindergarten student.

“When I first saw him, I could hardly believe it. I can still picture him as a small dark-haired child in his K-desk!” Ms. Schtik told USA Today.

Ms. Schtik decided to write a letter to her former student’s parents, since theirs was the only contact information she could find.

When the man’s parents showed him the letter, it didn’t take long before he contacted his favorite teacher and set up a meeting.

“How did you remember me? You’ve had hundreds and hundreds of kids,” the news anchor asked Ms. Schtik after he gave his beloved teacher flowers.

The meeting was a walk down memory lane. They reminisced and looked at photos and letters, and they laughed and cried about the times they shared 30 years ago.

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You never forget people who make a good impression on you, and they don’t forget you, either.

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