Addict dad gives up daughter for adoption: 24 years later his colleague reveals the unthinkable

Will Russell was barely more than a child himself when he became the father of a baby girl.

At that point his life was a mess. According to Will himself he was a “wreck” who abused drugs.

He made the tough decision to give his daughter up for adoption shortly after her birth. It was the only chance for her to have a better life, Will insists.

After battling with his alcohol addiction and other demons, Will successfully secured a job at a local church.

He began working as a pastor and also volunteered at Phoenix Rescue Mission, an organisation that helps people in need.

Slowly but surely he worked his way to a full time role within the organisation — but he could hardly prepare himself for what this would lead to…

Many years had passed and most of Will’s past was water under the bridge.

But of course Will never forgot the little girl he had given away. He had no idea that his little girl, who had turned 24-years-old, was also thinking about him.

Amy Roberson had always wondered about her biological family. Like many other adopted children she felt like she lacked roots. Finally, she decided to try and trace her biological parents.

Thanks to social media she was able to successfully track down one of her siblings. And then she found Will’s number.

She was really nervous before she called him. Amy had no idea how her biological father would react. Maybe he didn’t want to know her? Did he even know she existed?

Finally she worked up the nerve to call Will.

”It took alot to make that call,” explains Amy and continues: “I was so nervous, but it was definitely something I felt like I needed to do.”

It turns out, however, that she never needed to be nervous. When Will picked up the phone he was surprised, but also overjoyed that Amy had found him.

”I had hoped and prayed that she would come into my life. To get that phone call was like God answering my prayers,” he says.

Will and Amy decided to meet as soon as possible. They went out for breakfast and immediately realized something that made both of them laugh out loud.

As it turned out, Will and Amy were colleagues.

They had barely recovered from that first shock before they figured out that they had worked side by side for several months. Neither of them had had a clue as to who the other was!

Now Will and Amy are trying to make up for lost time. They are incredibly grateful for the amazing gift they have received — to finally be able to reunite.

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Of course it will take time to build a relationship, but since they both seem to have their hearts in the right place I’m sure they will build a strong bond in the future. 

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