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Baby is stunned when woman pierces her ears, what happens next breaks my heart

A couple weeks ago, a mother shared a photo online of her baby, who allegedly had her cheek pierced. But the picture was photoshopped and the mother just wanted to raise awareness about infant circumcision.

Afterwards, comments and opinions poured in both for and against piercing babies. And above all, a video posted last fall made it possible for many people to believe that the photo was real.

In the video, a mom brings her four-month-old daughter to get her ears pierced. At first, the baby girl is calm and happy. But when the technicians hold her head and put piercing guns against her ears, she gets nervous. And when the guns go off, the baby screams.

I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s important for their children to wear earrings at such a young age. Why not just let them decide for themselves whether they want their ears pierced once they’re old enough?

Watch the horrifying video here:

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