Beth Chapman and husband Dog send defiant message on date night in midst of cancer battle

Beth Chapman and her husband Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ remain defiant despite Beth’s battle with the cancer trying to claim her life.

The 51-year-old underwent treatment for throat cancer in 2017, but it returned almost a year later. In wake of the news, Beth had emergency surgery to remove a mass in her throat, but the prognosis this time around looks grim. Dog has previously described her cancer as ‘incurable’, with the disease said to have spread to her lungs.

Despite this, however, Beth has maintained an upbeat attitude, and is refusing to give up or drastically adapt her way of life.

Indeed, both Beth and Dog have remained resolute in their stance that they will fight this battle until the bitter end.

The two were spotted dining out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, with Beth – who looked in great shape despite her diagnosis – telling TMZ: “it’s an everyday struggle, but I’m hanging in there and choosing to stay positive … and Dog’s by my side.”

Despite the fact she’s suffering from cancer, Beth has certainly been active. Her and Dog have continued to work on catching fugitives of the law, whilst one look at Beth’s Instagram account proves she’s not taking things lying down.

No, rather she’s been an inspiration thus far for anyone fighting this horrible disease. Her determination to take things in her stride and refuse to let herself get down is admirable!

Fwd: BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Dog the Bounty Hunter & his Wife, Beth Chapman, Negotiated the Surrender of an Accused Rapist and Fugitive During Filming of their new WGN America Series, “Dogs Most Wanted”

Posted by Beth Chapman on Friday, March 8, 2019

Cancer sucks! Only together can we ever hope to defeat this horrific disease once and for all.

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