Brokenhearted father sends unforgettable message from his daughter’s gravesite

Lindsey was only six years old when she was killed in a drunk driving accident.

The tragic incident left her father, Rick Ellis, in anguish. So one day, he visited her grave to record a video and see if he could prevent this from happening to anyone else’s children.

Rick tells us how important it is to help each other, keep strong, and not resort to alcohol to get us through the hard times. Then he turns the camera toward his daughter’s gravestone, under which the driver of the car is also buried.

It turns out that the drunk driver is the girl’s mother and Rick’s ex-wife, Christy.

Scroll down for Rick’s powerful message:

“I’m gonna tell you something. Life isn’t about getting high. I’m kind of speechless right now. If I can help anybody, I want you to listen to me.”

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“Things happen in life. You don’t go to a doctor for help. You don’t go grab that beer. You don’t go grab whiskey.

You pull up your bootlegs. You stay strong. You talk to God. The only thing that’s gonna get you into heaven is if you have a personal relationship with God. Going to church every Sunday ain’t gonna help you. If he don’t know you, you can’t enter his home. That’s the bottom line.

My little girl was killed from a mother that wanted to get high, drink, party, have fun… It didn’t work out too well.

I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever.

Wanna get drunk, wanna play around, wanna be stupid? This is what happens…”

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“This is my precious little girl that was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Her mother had been partying for two days, staying up all night, drinking whiskey, having fun.

Everything’s great, right?

Well, it ain’t so great now. My little girl was six years old. She died instantly. Both were crushed to death.

She died in Beaumont, Mississippi. Her mother tried to drive home from Gulf Shores, Alabama after her boyfriend had beat her up. She didn’t make it back to Bryant, Arkansas.”

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“If you’re struggling with addiction, if you’re struggling with alcohol, I hope this can help you.

Don’t let your loved ones look down on you six feet in the ground ’cause you couldn’t handle life.

Pull your bootlegs up, grab a hold of life, make something of it. Make Mom and Daddy proud. Even if they’re not here no more, make ’em proud.

Fight for something. Stand up for something. There’s plenty of drunks in this world. You don’t need to be one.”

Watch this father’s moving video here:

We all cherish our loved ones. And this story really shows how important it is for people to get the support they need so no one has to experience what Rick did. Please share his poignant words with your friends on Facebook! 

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