Caught on camera: Grandma babysits – and makes the internet roar with laughter

Being a babysitter isn’t always easy. Just ask Valerie Sharp, whose hilarious mishap in her granddaughter’s crib has made her an overnight internet sensation.

Last week, Valerie Sharp from Huntsville, Alabama, babysat her daughter Nikki’s newborn baby, Lola.

Everything went as planned… until Valerie spent the night with her granddaughter.

“I just was leaning over into the crib. I’ve done it a hundred times before,” Valerie told WLOX News.

But this time was different. Valerie, who is only 5 feet (1.5 m) tall without shoes, picked up her granddaughter, stepped up onto a stool beside the crib—and fell headfirst into crib.

Baby Lola was unhurt—and her grandmother became an internet celebrity the moment her daughter Nikki uploaded the clip on YouTube.

“I said ‘do not post,’ yeah. We know how our children are. Sometimes they don’t exactly do what we want them to do,” Valerie told WLOX News.

Watch the hilarious clip here:

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