Cops warn parents to check Halloween treats – for drugs disguised as candy

For some children, Halloween is the top holiday of the year. Can you blame them? There’s plenty of candy, disguises and ‘scary fun’ to go by every October 31st.

But scary Halloween fun should remain fun — and not genuinely scary.

A police department in Georgia has now issued an important warning to all parents to check their children’s treat bags extra carefully this Halloween season — for drugs disguised as candy.

The Dublin Police Department in Georgia has published a post online warning parents that meth pills that look just like candy are circulating in the area.

The candy-lookalikes are reported to have found their way into the hands of some youngsters, according to KMOV.

“Please be aware that the Dublin Police Department is seeing methamphetamine pills in our community,” the Facebook post read.

“These pills are stamped and resembled to look like specific candies. Please make sure you check your children’s candy and report any suspicions to the Dublin Police Department.”

PUBLIC AWARENESS ANNOUNCEMENT:Please look through your child(rens) candies during this holiday season. Any suspicions,…

Posted by The Dublin Police Department on Monday, 22 October 2018

While the warning is targeting parents in the Dublin area, it is an excellent reminder for all parents in every city and state to keep an extremely watchful eye over their children’s candy this year, as with every other year.

If anything suspicious-looking emerges in your children’s goodie bag, make sure to immediately notify your local police.

Watch the report below for more details.

It saddens me that we have to dampen such a fun holiday with news like this, however fun should be accompanied by cautiousness at all times. Please remember to share this post with everyone you know who will take their children trick or treating this year. Have a safe and happy Halloween!