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Couple Unexpectedly Adopts 5 Traumatized Siblings At Once.

Texan Tyler Nichols knows what it’s like to be separated from loved ones. Tyler’s grandfather was just a little boy when he and his six siblings were torn from each other by the foster care system. He grew up with an underlying feeling of sadness and never stopped thinking about his brothers and sisters. Decades later, Tyler’s grandfather and his siblings found each other and were happily reunited. So when Tyler and his wife Beth started thinking about having a family, they took inspiration from Tyler’s grandfather and his siblings. “If we could keep a family together, that’s what we would really like to do.” said Tyler. Tyler and Beth were willing to adopt a group of siblings, but they set a limit of four children. But when their adoption agency called and announced that they had a sibling group of five who were in need of a family, Tyler and Beth didn’t hesitate for a second. Although five children were more than they bargained for, the couple realized they’d never dream of splitting the siblings.  The couple traveled to South America to adopt the five siblings; Yohan, 9, Patty, 8, Wilson, 7, Oscar, 6, and Heidy, 4. But once Tyler and Beth met the children, they discovered something that shocked both of them.

Tyler and Beth were literally thrown into unknown territory. It wasn’t just that the couple didn’t have parenting experience. They were also in a foreign country with only seven weeks to meet and connect with the siblings.

The siblings were very suspicious of the couple. They didn’t trust anyone but themselves. And this was because the children had basically raised themselves. In fact, the siblings didn’t even know what a parent was.

Tyler and Beth were surprised to find out that the oldest sister, Patty, took on the role of “mother” to the siblings. She was only six years old when she was forced to stop being a child, and take on this responsibility. The job left its mark on the girl, who was stressed and constantly showed symptoms of anxiety.

Please watch the beautiful video below to find out what happens next in the family’s journey, and how Tyler and Beth’s loving attitude changed everything.

Imagine if more people were like Tyler and Beth! All children deserve to be children, and all children deserve to be treated with love, respect, and warmth.

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