Crowd call dancer old, don’t think he can dance – when the music starts he leaves them stunned

As children, we’re taught from an early age to always respect our elders and never judge people before getting to know them. Despite this, the world is full of prejudice.

Just ask Sam West. He’s a middle-aged man who loves to dance and knows all too well how to stick it to preconceptions.

Sam might be a little older than the women he dances with, and might not look like your stereotypical dancer, but just wait until the music starts and he makes his way out onto the floor …

Sam West and his dance partner Autumn Jones were set to compete in the Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition, a touch contest with high demands.

Of course, both Sam and Autumn love to dance and had put everything they had into their preparations.

Photo: Youtube

I can imagine they were both nervous before stepping out onto the floor, but it didn’t take time for them to impress both the judges and the live audience.

No sooner does the music start, than you can see how their feet begin to move with impressive speed. They’re motions are fluid, quick and timed to perfection, so much so that you’re left to question how such synchronization is possible. To think they make it look simple – which it definitely isn’t – is testament to the two dancers and their ability.

dance performance
Photo: Youtube

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re dancing to a classic like Jerry Lee Lewis’ rendition of the classic “Pink Cadillac”. 

Photo: Youtube

It transpired that the judges were left so impressed by Sam and Autumn’s efforts that they named them winners of the competition overall.

After the footage was uploaded online, it quickly became a hit there, too, garnering over two millions views. Personally, it puts a smile on my face to see them moving like that – their infectious energy can be watched again and again.

Below, you can watch the amazing clip:

This clip certainly warmed my heart. I just love Sam and Autumns incredible energy.

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