Dad runs into man who molested his daughter – takes matters into his own hands

Although my logical mind knows that this isn’t right, I can hardly say I blame this guy.

Last week, a 45-year-old Swedish dad was at a grocery store in his hometown of Skara. He was doing some shopping when he spotted the man who had sexually molested his daughter.

Naturally, the dad became enraged and ended up punching his daughter’s abuser in the face. Afterward, he was found guilty of a minor assault and was fined.

The story might have ended there, but members of the public rallied around the man.

A Facebook group started a collection to help him pay his $1,500 (10,800 kroner) fine and his attorneys’ fees, writes Swedish newspaper Skaraborg Lans Tidning.

In just a few days, over 100 people have sent a total of 13,000 kroner ($1,880) to help the convicted father.

The man behind the group is Per Andersson. “If you have a child who is a victim of this, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you as a parent. Then to run into the perpetrator and be mocked… It would break most people,” Andersson said.

The man’s family is grateful for the support.

“He did the wrong thing and he’s aware of it. I know you shouldn’t go around hitting people in the mouth—we all understand this—but sometimes you have to stand together in solidarity,” Andersson said.

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