Daughter demands mother babysit grandson instead of going on vacation

Most people will tell you that becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Grandparents, on the other hand, will tell you that seeing your own children become parents is equally as beautiful.

Though, for this loving grandmother, not everything is always as peachy as you’d think. In fact, she had to put her foot down when her own daughter began using her as a personal babysitter for her grandson!

Keep reading to find out what happened when this grandmother finally told her daughter “no”…

A grandmother took to Reddit‘s ‘Am I The A*****e‘ thread to explain how she faced a tough decision recently regarding her daughter and grandson.

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The 56-year-old began her post by saying she felt she had been forced to choose between her own rest and babysitting her 14-month-old grandson during her upcoming vacation.

Her 26-year-old daughter, a single mom since her husband left when their son was just three months old, had been living with her mother for support.

Opening up about her routine, the grandmother, known as Original Poster (OP), shared that she typically cared for her grandson from 6 PM to 8 PM while her daughter was at work.

“Currently, to help my daughter, I pay the expenses at home and she pays for daycare and the baby’s things (diapers, formula, etc.). And there’s still plenty left for her to save up to eventually move,” she wrote.

“I decided that I would take a month off next month to rest, without necessarily traveling,” OP continued.

However, when OP’s daughter found out about the month rest, she saw an opportunity to save on daycare costs and expedite her plans to become financially independent.

“When my daughter found out about the vacation, she talked about the possibility of saving money on daycare to save up to move since I could stay with my grandson,” OP revealed.

Though her daughter made an emotional plea for help, explaining how difficult it was to navigate single motherhood, OP stood her ground. She refused her daughter’s request to babysit longer than the morning hours, emphasizing the importance of her own rest and boundaries.

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“She started crying, saying that she was trying to gain independence and eventually move out, but that being a single mother was so hard and I wasn’t making it any easier. Basically she begged me to at least stay another 3 hours, but I stuck to what I said,” OP recounted.

Despite her decision, OP couldn’t help but feel guilty about her daughter’s situation. “I love my grandson, but it is also my rest,” she expressed.

The story sparked a discussion online, with many offering their perspectives on the grandmother’s dilemma.

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Many people empathized with OP’s need for rest, with one person writing: “If she takes her child out of daycare for a month, the spot will be filled by someone else, and she won’t have daycare at all. The daycare provider obviously can’t afford to just hold the space open for her for a month without pay, they need to cover their own expenses.”

Their comment continued: “Has she taken her husband to court for child support? That needs to be done ASAP. It will do more for her long-term finances supporting her child than loosing daycare to try to save one month’s daycare cost.”

Someone else added: “And if you collapse from overwork, then who’ll put a roof over her head? Her situation is bad, but she could be living in a bug-infested slum, with no daycare or help at all. You didn’t cause her problems, and you’re giving her all you can, and she still demands more. Stand your ground.”

Ultimately, OP’s decision only goes to highlight the complexities of balancing personal needs with family responsibilities, a challenge many can relate to in their own lives.

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