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Daughter, Mother And Grandmother All Married On The Same Date, Wearing The Same Dress.

When Sarah got engaged to Jonathan, he would often joke about how similar she was to her mother and grandmother. Sarah comes from a family that highly values traditions and they love to keep them alive. Therefore, it was Sarah’s honor and pleasure to get married on the exact same date as her grandmother and her mother. Sarah’s mom then mentioned that she still had her wedding dress — the dress that grandma had also worn on the same day, decades earlier. Sarah immediately knew she had to at least try it on, to see how it fit.

“As soon as I put it on and saw the veil, I knew I didn’t need to try any other dresses. It suited me perfectly, and mom was so happy when she saw me in it. I was convinced that the dress would give me a life-long and happy marriage, just as it has done for my mother and grandmother,” Sarah said.

And that’s exactly what she did. Sarah proudly carried on the tradition and wore the same dress as her mother and grandmother had. Furthermore, she married Jonathan on the exact same date both her mom and grandma had also wedded! Please take some time and look at these wonderful pictures of three generations bound by love!

Please this beautiful story along if you think this is a wonderful tribute to past generations!