Day care teacher secretly films children – what the camera captures makes the internet boil

As a parent, when you leave your children at day care, you obviously assume that they’re in safe hands.

And this is usually the case. The vast majority of day care workers perform their job with integrity and care. But there is also a small group of people out there who should never be allowed near children – like these two day care workers in Cleveland, Ohio.

Warning: graphic images below.

Cedar Early Learning Center in Cleveland, Ohio is outfitted with security cameras. But that didn’t prepare the day care’s administrator, Octavia Manuel, for the shock she got when she saw some horrifying CCTV footage one day in the fall of 2015.

Image Source: YouTube

In the video, a day care worker beats a two-year-old boy more than 20 times with a plastic back scratcher, before slamming him on the ground and beating him some more.

The horrible scene continues with the same woman dragging the boy across the room and throwing him onto a changing table – while another day care worker looks on without intervening.

“I could not believe. Just looking at that, that this place even had the audacity to do that to my baby for no reason, he didn’t deserve it at all,” the boy’s mother told Fox8.

Image Source: YouTube

A short while later, the surveillance camera catches the other day care worker hitting a little girl with a plastic bat.

When the day care’s administrator, Octavia Manuel, saw the footage the next morning, she immediately fired the two employees.

“I’m glad I have recorders to catch things like this because you just never know,” she told Fox8.

Image Source: YouTube

After the incident, the two employees were arrested and convicted of child endangering.

At the same time, the horrific video is an important reminder to always pay attention to your children and the people around them.

Watch this Fox8 news report on the story for more:

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