Doctor delivers unthinkable news to pregnant mom – then she makes a brave decision

Having a child brings huge change to the lives of new parents—but by the time a couple has a second child, things usually get a bit more routine.

For Kimi Maxwell from Perth, Australia, however, her second pregnancy was a living nightmare.

At first, Kimi and her partner were overjoyed bring another child into the world, but soon the couple received a terrible news, and Kimi’s pregnancy became much more complicated.


It was during a normal routine check that Kimi’s doctor discovered something wrong with her.

Hospital tests revealed that the expectant mother suffered from breast cancer.

Kimi’s doctor explained that her cancer was curable, but with sadness in his chest, he told her that she’d have to choose between her and her child.

But Kimi refused to accept his advice and instead chose a third option.


Kimi refused chemotherapy and other drugs during her pregnancy.

Instead, she found another way to fight for her life and also protect her child.


The solution turned out to be a double mastectomy.

Kimi underwent surgery deep into her pregnancy, which can be very dangerous.

But luckily, all went well—thanks to skillful doctors and Kimi’s courage.


In order to encourage other women to never give up, Kimi decided to take some stunning black and white photographs—images that reveal not only the scars of surgery, but also the beauty of pregnancy.


After delivering her baby, Kimi posted photos of herself holding her child in her arms in order to raise awareness about breast cancer.


The photos spread like wildfire and now, hundreds of thousands of people have praised Kimi for her courage and her amazing images.

Kimi’s message is powerful and important: Yes, you can survive cancer during pregnancy!


Although Kimi’s decision was risky, she showed that a mother’s love can overcome anything.

It’s so good that she spread this message to others who struggle to fight this disease.

Please share Kimi’s images if you also want to help her show how beautiful life is!

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